Vaasa int. 14.4.

Zara BOB and CC










Poodle Speciality show 25.3.

Tex BOB with CC.
Also best Finnish owned silver in Finland. We were awarded today also No. 1 SAR standard poodle in Finland 2011. Nice day 🙂

Remarkably charming. Gorgeous youngster. Fantastic carriage. Excellent presence. Very self-conscious.
Judge: all-rounder Hans Lehtinen

Pompano Texas Hold´Em

Pompano texas Hold´Em

Latvia Winner 17.3.

Tex BOS, CC, CAC and Latvia Winner 2012

Zara JunBOB, BB2, JunCC and Latvia Junior Winner 2012

Pompano Texas Hold´Em Old House Sima

Lithuania 10.-11.3.12 Lithuanian Winner & Vilnius Cup

Tex 2 x BOB, 2 x CC, 2 x CAC and Lithuanian Winner 2012Zara 2 x JUN BOB, 2 x JunCC and Lithuanian Junior Winner 2012
Pompano Texas Hold´Em Tex Old House Sima Zara

Turku int. 22.1.

Super show to us 🙂

Tex was BOB, CC and CAC and Zara at her first junior class show BOS with CC.

Old House Sima Zara

Pompano Texas Hold´Em, Old House Sima